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Date published: February 13th, 2009 by Rosalie

This site is closing. I am not interested in maintaining it anymore. Thanks for stopping by.

AnnaLynne Talks About New Moon Some More

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

How badly does “90210″ star AnnaLynne McCord want to join the “Twilight” series? As badly as Edward wants Bella. As badly as Victoria hungers for revenge. As badly as … well, you get the point.

“Can I just tell you how much of a dork I am?” beamed the 21-year-old beauty while speaking to MTV News on Thursday (February 12). “I used to wear vampire teeth for like, a year straight. I’d go to the grocery store, and as I was checking out I’d look up and be like, ‘Arrgh!’ Like, I’m hardcore! This is way before [Stephenie Meyer’s books], and then ‘Twilight’ was awesome.”

Now the fast-rising star, who can be seen in the February 20th teen romp “Fired Up,” is on the verge of getting bitten for real. “We are in negotiations,” she said of her current talks with “New Moon” filmmaker Chris Weitz and his team. “It’s definitely something I would love to do; as most people know, I am obsessed with vampires. I’m a true-blood ‘Twilight’ fan all the way.”

The only hold-up that remains, McCord revealed, is her hectic calendar currently booked up with “90210″ shoots. “There’s some scheduling conflicts, and we’re trying to work that out now,” she explained, twisting her digits. “We’ll see what happens with it, but hopefully — fingers crossed — it’ll smooth over and we’ll be able to work it out.”

Something that few Twilighters realize, however, is that the vampire-loving actress nearly played Nikki Reed’s part in the original film. “They wanted me to play Rosalie,” she recalled. “I met with the producers when ‘Twilight’ was casting, the original. I was on ‘Nip/Tuck’ at the time. And they were like, ‘We’d love to have you in this little film we’re doing called ‘Twilight,’ but the family only has small roles.’ They were like, ‘It shoots in Oregon, so you probably couldn’t do it anyway.’ And I was like, ‘If it shot [in L.A.] that would be cool.”

Click here to read the rest of the article!

Tori At Pull-Ups Brand Toddler Dance Party

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

Tori Spelling, along with her son Liam McDermott, hosted the Pull-Ups Brand Toddler Dance Party to Help Families Bid Farewell to Diapers held at the Helen Mills Theater in New York City this afternoon. Click here to check out the babies and parents getting down to some hot jams.

Tori Spelling: I Feel “Pressure” To Be Thin

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

Tori Spelling is speaking out about her suddenly skinny frame, saying she feels a pressure to be thin in Hollywood.

“They scrutinize you so much. You try to be the person who says, ‘Oh, I don’t care,’ but I feel the pressure,” she told Thursday at the Pull-Ups Potty Dance Party in NYC.

“You’re out there; your picture is in every magazine. They’re looking at you from every angle, no matter what you do,” she added. “You have to be careful getting out of cars now because they shoot up your skirt. Everything has to look good, and of course, there’s pressure to do so. I definitely feel it.”

Spelling — who has two kids, Stella, 1, and Liam, 23 months — said losing her baby weight “was much easier the second time. I keep saying this, but it’s true.

“I think the first time I was so stressed and knew I had to lose it. This time I did it with my family,” added the star, who credited a healthy diet and jogging with helping her shed pounds. “I didn’t do a super diet fad or a workout routine. I literally did everything with my kids and my husband. Before I knew it, [the weight] came off.”

Spelling also told Us about her first day on the set of CW’s 90210. It was “scary,” she said.

“I was so nervous and didn’t know what it was going to be like,” she told Us. “I was afraid I wouldn’t remember how to play Donna [her character].

“But I got halfway through the first scene and was like, ‘Oh, wow - there she is!’” added Spelling, whose multiple episodes begin airing Apr. 14. “She has been in me this whole time. She’s been hiding in there for 8 years and never left.”


90210’s Adam Gregory: Leave Miley Alone!

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

With the frenzy surrounding the controversial new pictures of Miley Cyrus, her Hannah Montana: The Movie co-star Adam Gregory has stepped in to defend her. “I think everyone is really hard on her,” the actor, who also stars on the new 90210, told In Touch at the launch party of 944 Magazine’s On the Verge: The Young Hollywood issue on February 6. “She’s a really cool girl. She’s a fireball, and she’s smart and sophisticated. She’s got a bright future.” Miley was criticized for a photo released last week of the actress and friends slanting their eyes in a way that Asian Pacific American advocacy group the OCA deemed “offensive.” The sorry songstress later apologized on her fan club web site.


90210 Episode 21 Casting Call

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

[ANGELA] Female, 18 or older to play high school, open ethnicity. Sweet, gentle, kind, earnest-looking - she exudes goodness. Befriends SILVER and enthusiastically helps her with her school work. 2 strong scenes and a great turn. 1 day guest star - $1k. POSSIBLY RECURRING.

[SISTER MARY ELIZABETH] Female, Late 30s, Caucasian, teacher. ONE-DAY GUEST STAR - $1k.

[BRU-DOG] Male, 18 or older to play 17, Caucasian. LIAM’s cousin. A blonde, surfer type. Goes on a date with ANNIE. 1-3 DAY CO-STAR pending the spread. POSSIBLY RECURRING.

[CATHOLIC SCHOOL GIRLS 1-3] Females, 18 or older to play high school, open ethnicity. ONE-DAY CO-STAR. 1 line. Scale + 10.


New Shenae And AnnaLynne Videos

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

Shenae talks about going to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Click here to see!

AnnaLynne talks about going to NYC. Click here to see!

The Cast Hard At Work

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

AnnaLynne McCord, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, Matt Lanter, Jessica Lowndes, and Jessica Stroup were on set yesterday. Click here for the pics!

Tori Joins The Potty Dance Party

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

Reality TV star and mom Tori Spelling has teamed with Pull-Ups for the Potty Dance Party. The parent-tot dance bash is being held today, February 12, 2009, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at the Helen Mills Theater (137-139 West 26 Street in New York City).

Along with learning the dance, parents can discover other potty training resources, have a personal consultation with a Pull-Ups brand parenting expert and participate in fun activities.


Episode 16 Ratings

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Date published: February 12th, 2009 by Rosalie

Click here to see how 90210 did in the ratings!

Annie’s Sixth Confessional

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Shenae’s character now has her sixth video blog up. Click here to watch it!

Dr. Pepper Overdose

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Please ask the producers of 90210 to quit shilling Dr. Pepper and splashing their logo all over the place. — Bill S.
MICKEY: I know, right? That logo is everywhere. My West Bev mole tells me that the Dr. Pepper deal was an experiment gone slightly awry. Future product placement will aim for more subtlety. Besides, Diet Coke with Lime is a far superior carbonated beverage, several free cases of which I would never turn down.


Korbi Scoop

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Hey Korbi, Thanks for letting us know Adrianna and Navid would get back together. I love them as a couple! Any more 90210 news? -Kelley
I don’t know if the 9-0 writers have been watching too much Secret Life of the American Teenager — or maybe they’re partial to Engaged & Underage — but one of their young twosomes will be betrothed before the end of the season… while another couple we love will get to work on an internet sex video.


Tori Had A Winter Party

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Tori Spelling hosted a Winter Wonderland party - complete with fake snow - in her backyard on February 7. Click here for two pics!

Aimee Teegarden Reacts To Rhonda’s Racy Move

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Spoiler alert! If you have not watched Tuesday’s episode of ‘90210,’ do not read any further.

Rhonda! You sneaky girl, you!

When Ethan hit the shy band girl with his car in last week’s episode, I admit I cheered; I thought Rhonda was sweet, charming — unlike Annie — and smarter than I was giving her credit for. Faking her injury to get closer to Ethan? Annie won’t know what hit her.

Alas, gentle viewer, the resolution to the budding love triangle won’t arrive until March 31. “90210” is taking a hiatus and will return in a new timeslot: Tuesdays at 9.

Luckily, 19-year-old actress Aimee Teegarden, who plays Rhonda and is best known for her role on the critically beloved “Friday Night Lights,” graciously agreed to weigh in on Rhonda’s recent about-face:

How did you react when you found out that Rhonda puts the moves on Ethan?
It was surprising. I read that they kiss and thought, ‘What are they talking about?’ It was a little weird. I don’t know. I think kissing is totally weird on stage or in front of cameras. I wasn’t quite expecting it so fast. Like, dang, Rhonda gets down to business! She gets the come-hither look in her eyes. It was kind of shocking originally, but then I kind of enjoyed the fact that she becomes so upfront about it, more so than I would be.

Do you think Ethan is attracted to her?
I think Ethan is very attracted to Rhonda. I think Rhonda’s kind of amazing! (Laughs)

Yeah! Take that, Annie! But seriously, at first Rhonda’s this poor sweet thing and then she’s on the prowl! What do you make of that?
I think she’s been hiding in the shadows and all of a sudden she has this opportunity. I’m sure she’s had a crush on Ethan for years and years, sitting behind him every day, and now she finally has this opportunity to just really talk to him. It’s escalated because they’re both going through new things, new beginnings, and really opening their eyes to the world.

Before you started to shoot, what were your first impressions of Rhonda?
I thought she was a typical band geek. I was only told that she was a character who was going to shake things up after she gets into a car crash. That was it. But then I got to know more about her. There are a lot of layers there to explore if I come back for more episodes.

What were your impressions of the new “90210″? How did you get involved?
I had seen part of an episode, but not the whole series. It just seemed kind of fun. I was literally driving home from Texas — I had just finished up “Friday Night Lights” — and my agent called me while I was somewhere in the middle of Texas and Arizona. He said, “So, there’s an offer to do ‘90210.’ Do you want to do it?” and I said definitely. It would be something really different, going from the small town of Dillon, Texas, to shooting in Beverly Hills.

What were the big differences?
The thing about ‘Friday Night Lights’ is that we shoot very differently from every other show. We do three cameras all the time, it’s all [handheld cameras]. There’s no rehearsing…I’m sure the editors must have a field day, but we don’t have to say the same lines over and over. We can change them up as long as it’s in the same vein of where the scene’s heading. We have a lot of short days. We shoot a lot of scenes very fast.

Coming on to ‘90210,’ everything is different about it. There’s pieces of tape on the floor where you’re supposed to hit your mark. There are certain ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ you have to make sure are in there. It’s a lot glossier than ‘Friday Night Lights.’ The first day on ‘90210′ I cried. It was like, ‘I don’t know my lines.’ It was bad. Anyone who was there on my first day, when we shot all the hospital scenes, would have said so. The second day I was fine and I was with it. But the first day was a big shock.

All of your scenes were with Dustin Milligan. Did he help you or try to make you feel more comfortable?
I kept saying, “I’m so sorry. I keep messing up your scene.” And he’d be like, “Ah, no problem. We mess them up all the time. Just take your time. Enjoy it.” He was really cool.

I’d be remiss not to ask you about what’s going on with “Friday Night Lights.” How’s the waiting for a renewal going?
It’s always a waiting game in TV, but I’m optimistic. I wholeheartedly believe the third season is one of the best things on TV right now. I think it’s amazing. I think we scared some people off in the second season, but I think the third season more than makes up for it.

Anything you can tell us about what happens when “90210″ returns next month?
Ethan acts out like a typical guy where he backtracks after making all of these advances on Rhonda. Afterward there’s a fall out between the two of them. But there are also issues with him and Annie. So in the next episode, he’s kind of stuck in between the two girls. It’s a bit of a love triangle. There’s a lot of room for Rhonda to come back. It all ends in a cliffhanger. So there’s space — if “Friday Night Lights” doesn’t work out.

Well, we don’t want that to happen!
I know! No, it would be nice, though, to go from one set to the other, year-round, right?


Episode 16 Recap

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Thanks again to Zap2it for another great recap:

Previously on 90210, I Moan moved into a hotel suite, Adrianna came clean about her pregnancy to the entire school via a closed-circuit broadcast, Dixon and Silver renewed their love, and Julie Taylor Rhonda started her devious plan to drive a wedge between Ethan and Annie.

Dixon & Silver & I Moan
Ms. Clark is living pretty high on the hog in the Neptune Grand some swanky Beverly Hills hotel. There’s a hottie new bartender at her hotel, who soundly takes care of some snotty cliched British rock star with a vicious arm twist. Helloooo bartender. I also know him as the First Son from Commander in Chief.

Silver has now gone a little “love” crazy. She can’t stop saying it to Dixon and she’s gone up to 11 on the schmoopiness scale. She picks Annie’s brain at lunch about what she can do that is special for Dixon for Valentine’s Day. Silver overhears I Moan talking up her hotel’s restaurant and gets a thoughtful expression.

The restaurant won’t let her in, but she finds out they keep a few tables reserved for guests. So Silver asks I Moan for help. After securing a table, Silver offers to buy I Moan a drink and we get more bartender! Woo hoo! Silver then pretends to be British so she sounds older because Liam the bartender doesn’t know I Moan is in high school. Oh, these madcap Beverly Hills girls! But Liam does openly flirt with I Moan.

I Moan helps Silver get ready for the dance and they are both enjoying hanging out with each other again. Silver tells I Moan to send Liam a bottle of champagne telling him to meet her by the pool. Nice call, Silver.

Dixon meets Silver for dinner and is all lovestruck. Dinner goes really well, until the restaurant runs out of chocolate cake and Silver goes ballistic over the night not being perfect. Dixon has to rein her in by giving her her gift, which is a personalized silver bracelet. She responds by suggesting they get a room because she “wants to be with [him].” Dixon leaves a teenage-boy-sized hole in the wall on the way out of the restaurant. They head upstairs and Silver gets out a condom. Yay for safe sex, 90210! They get their Brenda-and-Dylan on.

Read more…

Music From Of Heartbreaks And Hotels

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Here’s the music from episode 16, Of Heartbreaks and Hotels:

“Better Kiss Me” by Ritter, Roche & Vidal. Naomi starts her morning at her hotel.

“1, 2, 3, 4″ by Plain White T’s. Planning for Valentine’s Day.

“Vertigo” by Anya Marina. Naomi tries to cheer up Adrianna.

“Strange Ways” by Luscious Redhead. Lunch.

“All The Same To Me” by Anya Marina. Annie has problems in her acting class.

“Untouched” by The Veronicas. Rhonda joins Ethan & Annie for lunch.

“Hollywood Love” by Raya Yarbrough. Silver tries to book a table at Naomi’s hotel.

“Gotta Be Somebody” by Nickelback. Annie asks Ethan & Rhonda what their plans are for the day.

“Believe In You” by Kurt Farquhar / True Music. Naomi & Silver go the hotel bar for a drink.

“Boring Movement” by Kurt Farquhar / True Music. Siver surprises Dixon with dinner at the hotel restaurant.

“Not Coming Down” by Ritter, Roche & Vidal. Naomi waits for Liam; Navid & Nika arrive at the dance.

“Feelings” by Kurt Farquhar / True Music. Silver freaks out when her dessert order is missing.

“Ghost Town” by Shiny Toy Guns. Rhonda meets Ethan at the dance.

“Pony (It’s Ok)” by Erin McCarley. Silver & Dixon go to their hotel room; montage of Annie, Naomi & Adrianna alone.

“Lovebug” by Jonas Brothers. Navid asks Adrianna to be his Valentine; Silver shows Dixon her tattoo.


New Promo Up For Episode 17

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Date published: February 11th, 2009 by Rosalie

Claire Arnold Talks - Sort Of

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Date published: February 10th, 2009 by Rosalie

iF Magazine’s Interview With Jessica L

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Date published: February 10th, 2009 by Rosalie

Most girls’ high school experiences don’t include an overdose on heroin, a stint in rehab, an HIV scare, and a teen pregnancy. 90210’s Adrianna Tate-Duncan, who’s played by Jessica Lowndes, is definitely having a unique ride.

iF Magazine found out firsthand that Lowndes is nothing like her television counterpart, except maybe for the fact that the two are both actresses. We caught up with her to get her perspective on the wildest resident of the CW’s most famous zip code:

iF MAGAZINE: Do you have a favorite episode?

JESSICA LOWNDES: I think that they’re all so different, because I go from being cracked out on drugs to being really mean and bitchy to being really sweet, so I like a lot of them. I think they’re all really good.

iF: Do you feel like your character goes through things that the others can’t really relate to?

LOWNDES: I think that my character has been on her own because she wants to keep her life a secret because she’s ashamed of it. So when she was going through the drug stuff, she kept to herself. She couldn’t relate to anybody else. She’s at a different maturity level. I think the pregnancy draws a lot of friendships closer because we deal with it in a very real and honest way. And I think that we’re showing the consequences of teen unprotected sex. That’s a real fear that all of the girls have.

Click here to read the full article!